Premium Quality.. Always!
We produce world class flours, and follow strict quality parameters to ensure complete hygine and safety.
RIVER VALLEY FLOUR MILLs Pvt. Ltd. was one of the best flour mill in Bihar to receive Health Department State Food Safety Authority License Under FSS Act 2006 certification from, Bihar ​
All our plants have in-house Labs to monitor quality real-time and on a continuous basis. 
This our food Certificate who tell our best quality of making Products.
This Certificate is earned by our whole shele director Mr. Sameer Gupta for training in " Basics of food milling and Quality attributes of milled production for applications"
This Certificate is given by Indian govt. to our Chairman Mr. Prem Gupta
River Valley Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Hajipur Industrial Area
Bihar, India

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Mobile No.:- +919334100754
Email: rivervalley@gmail.com
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